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Best of Creation Lyrics - Labbayk @A to Z Lyrics

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Artist: Labbayk
Album: Rhymes of Praise
Year: N/A
Lyrics: Best of Creation
Melody: N/A
Arrangement: N/A
Copyright: N/A

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Best of Creation Lyrics - Labbayk

( Chorus )

Sollallahu ‘ala Muhammad
Sollallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam...

Best of Allah’s Creations
Final Prophet and Messenger
Sent to the world as a guide
Let us all praise Muhammad...

( Chorus )

He was a light of guidance
He showed the path to perfection
He was given the divine revelation
The greatest book, Al Qur’an...

He was a man of simplicity
Of all the tribes, his was the noblest
He would rather starve himself
Than see the hunger of the needy...

( Chorus )

He walked the earth in humility
No creation can compare to his beauty
His softness, his smile
Drew people to God’s final Deen...

He taught us how to cleanse ourselves
From the outward and the inward
To our hearts, filled with diseases
To live like him, the purest of beings...

( Chorus )

In this time of mass oppression
His name is clouded with falsity
We will stand strong in rebuttal
To those who stand to cause anarchy...

Our advice to those who don’t know
To go and read the books of history
To learn, to see the-life of the greatest being...

Best of Creation Lyrics - Labbayk @A to Z Lyrics


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